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Jawatan Kosong Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu September 2013

Date: 28 Aug 2013 | Badan Kerajaan
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Terengganu Darul Iman is one of the states in Malaysia . Terengganu is located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia . In the northern and western sea borders with Kelantan and in the south and southwest are bordering with Pahang. Sultan is the Head of State of the State Constitution . Under the state constitution, legislative power belonged to the Legislative Assembly . This House appoint members of the House to form the State Executive Council (EXCO).EXCO, headed by the Chief Minister , holds executive power and the policy-making body of the state government. Chief minister appointed by the Sultan was of a political party which won the most seats in the Legislative Assembly.


To date, Terengganu’s name has maintained. There were no changes; not like other states e.g: Pahang which the name was from “indera Pura” and Singapore was from “Temasik”.

“Taring anu” can be traced back to the time of ninth Sultan of Terengganu, the late Sultan Omar (1839-1876). A hunting party from Pahang was exploring the jungles of present-day Terengganu when they arrived at a place that now called Sungai Terengganu Mati. There, they came upon a mysterious animal fang. When asked what animal it was from, one of them answered, “Taring anu….” (The fang of err), as he could not be certain of the actual animal.

Shortly after that, a member of the party slew a deer and brought it back to camp, telling his companions that he had caught it in the area where they had found “Taring anu”. They returned home after the hunt laden with sandalwood and, in turn, told their village folk that they had collected the fragrant wood from “Taring anu”. Due to constant usage, the term soon metamorphosed into Terengganu.

Based on the story from Dato’ Kamal Wangsa Jafar bin Mampak, set in a different place altogether, the animal gang, which was as big as an elephant’s rusk, was found on an island near an estuary which we now know as Pulau Duyong.

The island’s headman brought the fang before the Sultan, saying, “Taring anu, Tuanku.” (An unknown fang, Your Highness). From that day forth, the place where the fang was found became known as Kuala Sungai Taring Anu (the estuary of Taring Anu) and as time went by, became Kuala Sungai Terengganu.

There is yet another story that talks about the origin name of “Terengganu”. “Terangnya anu” however is said to have come about when a group of students from neighbouring Kelantan were captivated by a glorious rainbow as they stood on the banks where the rivers converged; a place now known as Kuala Terengganu. One of them is said to have cried out, “Terang sungguh ganu di sini!) (The rainbow here is so bright!). Upon returning home, they began spreading the word about the land beyond the river saying, “Sungguh terang ganunya.” (So bright was its rainbow).

Another possibility about the name Terengganu was known from the river’s name “Terengan” (The Terangan River). It came from the writer and the Terengganu History Branch Association, when they visited the place on the 5th until the 11th July 1975 and looked at the surrounding where the river’s converged.

Is about the Sungai Terengan (The Terengan River).A small river village stood near the place where Sungai Terengan and Sungai Kerbat converged. The distance from Kuala Terengganu Mati was about 24 km from Kuala Berang along the river.

Because of the converged the elders asked this question: “hendak ke mana? (where do you want to go) Ke Terengan…nu (that Terangan) atau ke Terengan ….ni (or This Terangan); to Terengan…nu (That Terangan) or to Terengan ….ni (This Terangan) meaning to Terengan River or to Kerbat River.

Or else it came from the primitive people inhabited this land and travel from Ulu Pahang road or Ulu Kelantan and arrived at the Ulu Terengan River’s converged, and they asked: Kemana hendak pergi atau hendak tuju? (Where do you want to go or heading to) Ke Terangan ni atau ke Terangan …nu (This Terangan… or that Terangan).

It stated from the geological members whom visited the Ulu Terengganu, that the Ulu side was made from the ocean or big river based on the evidence that was found, it was believed that it back to the original condition thousand years ago.

Ptolemy ( a famous astronomy and a member of Greek Nature Knowledge who created the Peninsular Malaya map, live during the 2nd century before Masehi, was born in Mesir.P) and was believed made in Iskandariah has shown two port places at the East Coast and named“Perimula” and “Kole” . And the “Perimula” port was believed the “Kuala Sungai Terengganu” and the “Kole” port was Kemaman

Jawatan Kosong Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu

Qualified Malaysian citizens invited to fill a vacancies at Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu as follows :

1. Pereka (Tari) B17


  • Not less than 18 years on the closing date of the position, and
  • Have the talent, skills, experience and creativity that has been proven and recognized quality in the field of architecture (dance)

2. Ahli Muzik (Gitar & Bass) B17


  • Not less than 18 years on the closing date of the position, and
  • Have the talent, ability and experience in the relevant field

How to apply
Applicants must submit a written letter (resume)
Each application must be complete with the accompanying documents certified as true copies of the following: -

  1. Birth certificate or identity card;
  2. Educational Qualification;
  3. Other – other relevant certificates and documents, if any.

Completed application forms must be sent to the following address: -

Tingkat Bawah ( Pintu Utara )
Bangunan Stadium Tertutup
Kompleks Sukan Negeri Terengganu
21200 Kuala Terengganu

Further information and how to apply, please follow :

Jawatan Kosong Terengganu Closing Date : 10 September 2013

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